What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?



Well - like the video says.... we are a golf tournament directors dream - to help them find the BEST apparel or tee prize at the BEST price!! To help them save money as we DONATE their Hole In One Insurance on our dime, as a way to say THANK YOU! Ask us to help find the closeouts, and the specials from over 135 brands of apparel - we do the work for you!!

We are the best friend to a corporate marketing person looking to outfit their staff and guests in apparel or promotional items. Need promotional items for a conference? for a tradeshow? Let us help you find newest way to spread your logo and brand to clients.

We are a huge asset to Athletic Directors, who are looking for gear for the athletes, for their booster clubs and fans. We also provide innovative ways of helping athletic programs and teams raise money. Ask about our fun contests like 'Half Court Shots', 'Field goal kicks for cash', 'Slapshot for cash', MANY ways to help boost interest and more importantly - raise funds!!!

See why over 450 golf tournaments have come to us and trusted us with their business, to NEVER miss a deadline and to always give them the best deal on apparel and tee prizes, AND give free tips and advice on the many tournament success stories we have worked with.



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